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Make better decisions & reduce your risks

Take Advantage Of Our Startup Structure

+ 10 years expertise in Earth Observation

+ Process quality

+ Flexibility

+ Swift proposals & deliveries

+ Competitive pricing


Perform baseline & temporal studies

On land or on oceans, we bring you the solution appropriate to your needs.
Our expertise in remote sensing is the key success factor in the field of earth observation.


Forecasting & anticipating evolutions through Real-Time Monitoring

GEOESPACE assesses your environment by monitoring events impacting your area of interest.
By combining satellite data and AI, you will be alerted of any relevant changes according to your needs.

Choose your field of monitoring :
+ Ocean observation
+ Natural resources detection
+ Land cover mapping


Full chain from data retrieval to GIS deliverables

Selecting & recovering satellite data

Data processing

Manual interpretation of data

GIS deliverables

+ Remote sensing advantages

+ Large areas

Want to know more ?

Contact us, we will be available to answer all your questions.