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GEOESPACE is an engineering company specialized in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geoespace select, retrieve, process and interpret satellite data to extract the information matching your needs to provide you with cartographic supports aimed at identifying, characterizing or tracking “objects” on the Earth surface.

Our Solutions

Natural and anthropogenic oil leakages detection in offshore context

A RADAR system (Radio Detection And Ranging) emits and receives radio waves to give information about the object detected. SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sensors embedded on satellites allow day and night earth’s surfaces acquisitions without atmospheric artefacts.

Land cover mapping

Optical satellites are passive satellites which use the sun as source of energy. Their embedded sensors display earth surfaces according to the spectral information of detected targets.

An efficient solution to highlight wetlands

Polarimetric SAR sensors relies on the vector properties of the electromagnetic field interactions with the target.

Geographic Information Systems

We provide our customers with all types of geographic data that are the core of your GIS projects such as impact studies, environmental issues, risks assessment, baseline surveys, geological mapping, networks, urban planning, agriculture etc…

Our products